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    Girl Im from texas i get the stole my thunder saying!!! Anyways that would upset me too my fbil is planning on asking his gf of one year to marry him in a couple of months and they will probably get married before we do bc im finishing school. Im slightly annoyed but will get over it. However if they stole my site i would be pissed. even if its his parents to blah blah WHATEVER if you expressed that you wanted it there first it should be yours. On another note you could out do everything they do!!!! That would def get my goat!!!!
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    I don't understand the mean responses... MOST people would be seriously irked by this!

    I understand being upset, I'd be pissed. But there isn't too much you can do. 

    Personally, I'd be suprised if they actually got married, but if they do, just know the location isn't what is going to make your wedding special its you and your FH (i know, corny)
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    bottole = butthole......hehehe

    Shocking, the number of shiny new posters in this post.  Shocking, I tell you.

    Gersh durnnit....he done STOLE my thunder!!!!
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    I'm thinking the same thing Sascha and Mandy, exact same thing.

    Vury vury strange, I tell you what.

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    Mocha...I always picture your cats as a single long cat with an oddly shaped body.
    And I like it.
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    Ya know, they often do sleep all snuggled up together, and usually look like one cat.  I like it too, so nice and warm and cuddly.  Especially when it's colder than a witches titty outside, like it is now.
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    Oh goodness...they love chuthers.  (each other in my language)
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    Very much so.  They'll clean each other's ears and buttholes, sleep together, gang up on the white cat together.  They're like the three stooges, minus one.
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    I completely understand what you are going through, my cousin is trying to do the same thing only not quite as badly. My FI and I got engaged and within a week she was throwing a fit because I had not asked her to be in the wedding (we are not close, she is kind of unstable), I was the flower girl in her first wedding, when I was 16, (long story). She thought she could be our flower girl, she is 26 now. Now her and her less than upstanding boyfriend are going to get married a month or so before us and she had the nerve to call my mom and ask her if she was in my wedding because if so she would ask me to be in her wedding. At first I was really upset with her because she is acting like her whole goal is to upstage us and spend more money but I just keep reminding myself that we are different people and will have different weddings and that smackin' her would embarrass my momma. So instead of acting up or letting her know that it bugs me I just laugh it off and remember that my day will still be mine, and that is one thing her crazy butt cannot take from me!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Thunder Stolen?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I as for the people who say they wouldn't be pissed, i won't lump you all into the same category - i'm sure many of you really wouldn't care one way or the other - but i have a hard time believing that people wouldn't be upset in this kind of situation. the people who wouldn't be upset by this are the same people who pull this kind of BS lol. no consideration! a good fist shaking to those peeps. goodlucK!
    Posted by Linzee636[/QUOTE]

    I come from a very big extended family. Mom was one of 8, there are 24 grandkids, grandma is one of 13, mom has 40 first cousins.  Well you get the idea..

    Most of the family got married in one of 4 churches in DE.  Most of the receptions where held in one of 5(?) reception halls.  Mostly because there was not many choices for that many people.

    So no I would not be upset or find it thunder stealing because, well it was actually quite normal in my family.

    I would imagine if you lived in a small town with not many options and/or you are a churching going family more than likely at least one of your venues would be the same as another family member.  I would have  laughed if my sister told me I could not get married at the same location as her. (btw - she got married at the same church as my parents)

    As far as your parents.  I bet they are thrilled and honored to be hosting wedding for their kids.  I can't imagine my parents picking one sibling over another when it comes to who gets to have a wedding at home.  You both should have equal rights to that venue.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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