Does he get an invite?

Ok I am pretty sure I am right, but I may be totally off so I wanted to double check.

I am really not close with my mother's side of the family. We never get together and only see them on rare occasions.

I decided that I would only invite my Mom's brothers and their wives and not my cousins because our guest list is already over 200. All my cousins are late 20s-30s. One of my cousins who is about 35 still lives with his parents and my Aunt/Mom think I have to invite him because he still lives in their house. My aunt told me that he should get an invite because he still lives at home and he would wonder why he is not invited. I feel like if I invite him I have to invite all the cousins which would be about 24 extra people including their kids.

Please keep in mind that I rarely ever see this side of the family and we aren't close at all.
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