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I know we have a bunch of teachers up in here

I need help.  My 4th period class has gotten out of control.  51 6th graders. One classroom. One adult. I've been told there's no place else for those kids to go because there are no other open electives and no way to change those kids' schedules around. As if that weren't bad enough, of the 51, 12 are special ed. Most need help reading and writing. Based on behaviors, I'm guessing several are ADD, and most have reading and writing levels in the early elementary years (1st, 2nd grade). On top of their learning disabilities, many are ELD as well (English Language Developer), so they're trying to overcome a learning disability to learn in a language that isn't their native tongue.

So, all of that, and I'm the only adult in the room. Our district cut EAs to smithereens this past year, so I think we only have like 6 in the building, for 1000 kids. I'm trying as hard as I can to get one in my room for that period but it's not looking good. In the event that I can't get someone in there, how the hell do I manage this class behaviorally and still teach them something? Right now I feel like it's all I can do to get through the instructions in 10 minutes or less because with 51 people in the room, there's always someone doing something more interesting than me.

I already have to write 4 lesson plans each day. I really don't want to write a 5th. I have got to find a way to make my normal lesson plans - you know, the ones written for 30-40 students - work for 51, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how when I can't even physically fit all of the kids on the stage.

For the record, I teach theatre and have plenty of seats.  What I don't have is plenty of space to do the activities we normally do, the activities that have made my program a success in the past.  I can see the up and moving part of this class being an absolute disaster, but I'm not ok with the idea of it being a class where everyone sits in their seats the whole time.
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