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Tattoo Trouble

So I've been planning for awhile now to have my bridesmaids all wear their hair in low side pontails (which they've all agreed upon and love the idea of.) However, my sister, who is also my MOH, just got a tattoo across the back of her neck (even though I told her I thought it would look bad.) Well it does look bad, and I don't want it showing at the wedding.

I understand that she can put whatever she wants on her body and that's fine with me (under normal circumstances.) But can I ask her to cover it up for the wedding? I'll even buy the makeup it requires. IShe didn't have the tattoo when I asked her to be in my wedding... so I could ask her to hide it, right? Or should I just change the hairstyle that everyone was going to have?

My bridesmaids suggested the matching hairstyles and yes, I am paying for it. I'm paying for their everything (shoes, nails, jewelry, dress, and hair.)

And yes, it is going to be in a church.
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