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Dollar Dance?

Hey ladies! My fiance and I were at a family function yesterday and the question of what song we were going to play for our dollar dance come up. I honestly had not thought of doing a dollar dance since the past few weddings I had been to did not have one. Is this still something that is okay to do? Or, is it simply saying, "Hey we want to make fast cash, so come pay to dance with us?". I definitely do not want to put people out or make anyone feel uncomfortable! Thanks in advance ladies! :)

Re: Dollar Dance?

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    If the weddings you generally go to don't do it, it's a really bad idea.
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    Yeah, I would NEVER have a dollar dance. But, if I went to a wedding that did have one, I would not be offended.
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    I've been to quite a few weddings that have had a dollar dance, but I personally don't care for them.

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    Well, if the subject was broached at a family function, then it seems like it's acceptable within your circle. Can you think of anyone who you know that would be genuinely horrified by a dollar dance? If not, then I think it's OK to have one. (I personally never would, but then again, it's not within my circle).
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    If you're not comfortable, don't do it. Simple. If people want to give you extra cash, they will. But dollar dances are pretty tacky. They're the norm on my dad's side and we didn't do it.
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    We do them around these parts and we did it at our wedding.  We actually enjoyed it and was quite funny.
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    Do you or your fiance want to do the dollar dance? If you hadn't thought of it until your family said something, it sounds like it isn't a priority for you or your fiance- and you could be spending your time focusing on other details of the wedding. 

    I personally think the dollar dance is tacky. Your friends and family have already bought you a gift, shelling out money to dance with you seems silly. 

    Either way you go, I am sure your guest will have fun and enjoy your special night!
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    If you haven't seen them at weddings in your area, then you probably shouldn't be doing one. Especially if you personally don't feel like you should be doing one.

    I personally think they're tacky, but I also live in an area where next to nobody does one (So I might have a different opinion if I grew up someplace else). And the one person I know that did do one-because she wanted to get some extra money from her guests-had a lot of people gossiping about it for weeks after her wedding.

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    My circle does it, but I thought it was weird and awkward. So we skipped it. We did play the song "I knew the Bride (when she used to rock and roll)" and all the guys started to dance with me (and they didn't have to pay) it was the SO funny.. And crazy. 
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    when my sister got married some people "kidnapped" the bride.  she and her husband had no idea this would happen.  those who had arranged the kidnapping jsut asked her to come with them and put her in a room and wouldn't let her out.

    then those that had orchestrated the kidnapping announced to the guests that the bride would not be released until a "ransom" was paid.  unless $200 as collected, the bride could not come back to the wedding.

    that is overboard, but my poor sister didn't have anything to do with it!  they did have a good time spending that money though.

    if it is something fun that people in your circle do at weddings just for laughs, maybe you could donate the dollars to a charity of your choosing.  that way you could still have the fun and not make it look like you are trying to sneak out wih a giant bag of loot.
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    It is a tradition in Louisiana for whoever dances with the bride or groom to pin a dollar on the suite or veil.  It was a way of giving the new couple a start on a nest egg. If you are not comfortable then skip it.  Every family/ culture has their own customs and traditions.
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