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Seating parents at the ceremony

I have never posted before, but I could really use your help and opinions. Here is the situation. My parents are still together and my dad will be walking me down the aisle. My fiancee's parents are divorced and remarried. However, FH wants to escort his mom down the aisle, which puts me in quite a predicament. If MOG is walking with groom, how does his step-dad get seated? What about FOG and step-mom? What about MOB? I was thinking maybe we wouldn't include step parents and I would have FOG walk MOB to her seat, but I just don't know. What do you think?! I am in desperate need of some opinions! Thanks!

PS. We are not including grandparents in the seating...they will be seated wth the rest of the guests.

Re: Seating parents at the ceremony

  • Could his step-dad walk in by himself? If so, then you could have him do that.  FOG and step-mom could walk in together.  Do you have any brothers, uncles, male cousins, etc. that could walk MOB in?  We're having grandpartents walk in and my grandparents are divorced, so we're having my grandfather and step-grandmother walk in together and then have my grandmother escorted in by my cousin/her grandson, so maybe an arrangement like this could work for you too.
  • Have his step-father walk by himself. If you have another male family member that walk your mother in, great. If not, have a groomsman do it. My FI was a groomsman in a friends wedding and he escorted the MOB - they knew each other. Do whatever feels right to you and your family. You're over thinking it.
  • Just have your FI's step-dad walk in directly behind groom & MOG. FOG & step-mom can walk in together. MOB can be seated by another male in your family or FOB (if there is a way he can exit and get to the back of your ceremony).
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  • Why not have both your parents walk you down the aisle?  I am so glad, in retrospect that I had both of my parents with me, and we laughed at the time, knowing full well it took both of them to raise me, they should both be up there with me for one of the biggest events of my life! 

    FOG escorts his wife, while stepdad walks behind his wife (MOG), being escorted by her son...

    Good luck!

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