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6:30 PM too early for Hor D' Reception?

We are getting married at an old "manor" in St. Paul on Oct 27 around 5/5:30 pm. We want to make the reception fun and informal (no assigned seating) - we are even encouraging costumes! We picked our venue for their intimate and antique feel but their selection for traditional dinners are expensive and boring (protein, potatoes, green beans, salad). I want to choose from their appetizer menu but I'm afraid it's inappropriate to not feed my guests "dinner" when they will be there from 5:30-10pm. This is the menu I liked the most:

Baked Brie
Fresh Fruit Tray
International Cheese with Crackers
Seafood Puffs with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Veggies and Dip

These will be unlimited and we will have a halloween candy bar (to eat there and take home) after cake is served. Also have an open bar of beer, wine and sig cocktail. 

Will guests find this selection too light or inappropriate?
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