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Registry notice

What is the best way to tell people about the retristry other than including it on the bridal shower invites?

Re: Registry notice

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    Word of mouth.  People will want to know where you're registered, so they will ask.
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    You tell them when they ask you or your parents.
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    It's okay in the bridal shower invitations, on your wedding website if you have one, and word of mouth when people ask. 
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    Stores hand out those handy dandy little registry cards for a reason.  Use 'em.


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    I have my registry info on my wedding website.
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    Yeah, we got those registry cards...they're still sitting on my desk.  We just told people who asked.  I also made sure that the moms and bridesmaids knew so that they could tell people who asked.  I definitely would not include it with any kind of wedding invitation though (tacky).  Wedding shower invites are okay though.
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