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Did someone say GTG?

The husbands and us!

Seriously, how awesome is this photo?

(sorry about the boobage - i was busy putting to notice)

True love.

THis is a toonie.  We were giving Christy a currency lesson as we arrived at the hotel.

Pedis and manis?  While drinking beers?  Yes please!  This was the nail bar that was so awesome.  I loved it.

Obligatory margarita pic.

Dinner.  Alberta beef, asparagus, poutine, and lots of wine. 

Alix and her H had an anniversary on Sunday, so Fishy and I got a cake for dessert.  It was amazing.

And this is the goodbye hug.  There's about 300 photos.  I had a hard time choosing which ones to post. 

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Re: Did someone say GTG?

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