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More wording Questions- Yes etiquette related

My FI is a volunteer firefighter so we plan to have the fire trucks with honor guard at the church. The front parking lot at the Church is small and will be even smaller with the large trucks parked there. Is it ok to indicate on the directions card in the invitation to have guests park in the back parking lot? If so, any suggestions for wording?

Also, while I have your captive attention, for any one who did a block of rooms at a hotel- on the accomodations card on in the invitation, how did you word that you guests reserving rooms under this block (reduced rate) need to make sure they mention a special code or bride/grooms last name?

Any and all suggestions are apprectated!

Thanks for your help!

Re: More wording Questions- Yes etiquette related

  • I think it's fine to give parking directions.  I would suggest looking at google and finding out what direction (east, south) the parking lot is relative to the church.  "Please park in the South parking lot (behind the church)" sounds better then "Please park behind the church" 

    As for reservations, mine said something like this:  A block of rooms has been reserved at hotel name (phone number)  Please mention the Bride/Groom wedding when making your reservation to secure the reduced rate.

  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:4975e7bd-a3c6-43b8-9c22-b31879d999e6Post:8d3df23e-21f1-422c-9b60-6ea403b96a0b">Re: More wording Questions- Yes etiquette related</a>:
    [QUOTE] 2) "Mention the Smith-Jones wedding when making your reservations"
    Posted by danieliza1127[/QUOTE]

    I like Dani's wording for accomodations.

    For parking, I wouldn't mention it at all... I'd block off the front lot on the day of the wedding, and put up signs directing people to the correct lot.
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  • I think you're over thinking this.
    For the hotel-- we said something along the lines of "please mention smith-jones wedding when booking your room"
    As for the parking-- I like pp suggestions. I also think you can just give directions to the back lot and mention "please park in back lot". I think enough people will get the hint with the directions and something mentioning to park back there.

    Happy planning!
  • I'd block off the portion of the parking lot you need for the trucks, and have a sign that says "Additional Parking in the Back" with an arrow.

    Screenshots of our accommodations cards are in my planning bio.
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  • what time does the fire truck get there? Can it arrive before the guests? I agree with the sign idea.

    My wording for my hotel block was this:

    Rooms for our guests are being held at the following hotel until September 17:


    Please reference the lastname/lastname wedding block, booking ID 000000, to obtain the discounted rate.
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  • Thank you all so much for all your help!

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