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Paper Stuffs- Good deal?

I posted this in I&P but not much response and I honestly don't think they read or cared.

I have a meeting with my invites person and this is a "deal" that she is giving me. I'm curious as to whether or not it is as good as I think it is. I can't DIY because I don't have the patience and am not all that good at computer design programs/crafytness that is above a 4th grade level.

160- triple layer invites with a velum overlay, response card and envelope and 2 enclosure cards
160-menu cards for the reception
160- 5 panel fan programs for ceremony
2'x3' (24"x36") table chart
160- double layer STDs
22- table numbers

All these things are composed of metallic papers as well.

The breakdown is about $170 for STDs, $600 for invites ($3.75 an invite), $200 for 160 programs, and then the remaining is scattered for the table numbers, placecards, and table chart.

Is 1200 a good deal for all of this stuff?

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Re: Paper Stuffs- Good deal?

  • Personally I think that's a LOT of money but I was a budget bride and so I don't really know what's normal.

    I'm assuming you have 160 guests?  So you actually don't need 160 invitations.  Remember you will have multiple people on an invitation.  So be sure to go through your guest list and don't get too many invitations.  Any extras you have will just be garbage.  Same goes for save the dates.

    Also with programs, you don't need one per person.  You will end up with a TON leftover if you do it that way, unless you have them set on every seat.  If they're handed out or in a basket, couples will share and kids don't need them, and not everyone will take one.  So I would look at your number there as well.

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  • Ditto dani.  Look into your numbers or sure.  It is odd to me that you would need the same number of invites, programs and place cards. 

    Also, that seems high to me too.  I did DIY things for all of those.  I got 100 free STD postcards from Vistaprint, then I spent $230 for 150 invites, $50 for 80 programs, and $60 for 120 place cards.  (since DIY kits are sold in set amounts we ended up with some extras and odd amounts).  So to me it definitely seems like a lot of money.

    Honestly, I would still look into some of the DIY kits at Michael's and such.  Everything comes with a template where you literally just have to pick a font and type in your info.  I am so not an arts and crafts person, or designer, but i had the easiest time ever with these.  And I definitely think they are at most a 4th grade level!  You can get great items with nice designs and colors, and our guests were amazed that we made them ourselves because they were all so nice.  And the added bonus, I used 40% coupons on everything I bought!

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  • I too am on a budget, but invitations were my "thing," the one thing I really wanted to spend money on to get what I want and not cut corners, so I'm pretty familiar with the pricing, as it's all I paid attention to for the first year of engagement because I'm lame like that.

    Anyway, like everyone above said - don't order invitations by the number of GUESTS, order by the number you need to send out. Costly mistake there. I invited 124 and sent out about 60 actual invites. Same with programs, you don't need one for every guest.

    As for the prices, though, they seem pretty reasonable for what you're getting. In terms of comparable things (I haven't seen yours, so I'm thinking of similar layered invites), that sounds like quite a good deal, with the types of things I'm thinking of being closer to 5-6 per invite. If the rest of the unlisted prices are the same kind of discount, I think you've got a good package there.
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    Right, 160 invites means approximately 350 guests.  If $1200 is in your budget and you love how the invites look, then its a good deal.   
  • I have about 220 people on the guest list which is about 160. I have a lot of single people being invited.
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  • I think $3.75/invite is VERY GOOD for not doing them yourself.  I think you are getting some sort of deal, especially with all that you are getting.  In other words, you're not getting jipped!
  • Sounds like a good deal. I'm getting the same package though using someone who does custom invites- I got a custom design that no one has ever had before or have again- and she designed it around my specifications all for around $900 or $1000.
  • Seems about right to me. You're paying for the stock, the printing itself, and this person's time.

  • yup yup yup. thanks ladies :-)
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