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Tough hair situation....

About two weeks ago my FMIL's friend asked me if I had someone to do my hair for the wedding. I told her that I hadn't decided yet even though I had 2 people in mind, just wasn't sure. She said that she could do that and that she would be doing my MIL's and SIL's hair that day too. She said that she knew how to do a beautiful hairstyle and was talking very fast without listening to me. I got a little scared of her, haha, so I just told her that we would talk next time I'm there. Just now I have found out from my FSIL that this lady already told her that we had an agreement that she'll be doing my hair and apparently she was very excited about it. I doubted that she was a hairdresser and was just told that she isn't.

So, now I have no idea how to tell this lady that I would like someone who is a professional to do my hair on the big day... She is one of our guests at the wedding and she is a good friend of my FMIL so I definitely want to be as gentle about it as possible but I feel like whatever I tell her now she'll be upset.

Maybe it was my fault that she assumed I asked her to do my hair, because I'm very soft and can't just say "No" and was being vague about it. But also she wouldn't let me explain anything, just talked over me. I needed this another problem  so much... :(

Re: Tough hair situation....

  • LTB is wise... 
  • Yep, I agree with LTB and Loopy.
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  • Yikes, that's a sticky situation. 

    I like Lovethebeach's idea about saying you want her to enjoy being a guest.  You could also say something like "Oh I'm sorry for the confusion, I know we talked about possibly having you do my hair but I really want to get ready with my bridesmaids and they're all going to the salon together."  Or "we're all getting ready in the hotel room together," that kind of thing.

    I firmly believe that white lies are okay as long as they're being told to save someone's feelings!
  • I love the idea but the problem is that I was going to ask another friend of my fiance's family who is a hairdresser and who is also going to the wedding...
  • again, LTB is wise.

    This is a situation where it makes sense to just pay a pro.
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  • Are you also getting your makeup done?  By any chance does the woman you're going to work in a salon where you could get your makeup done?  You could say that you wanted to just be able to get both done at one place to save some running around on your wedding day. 

    If not, I like LTB's suggestion.

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  • Honestly, I'd be straight with her. Just tell her that while you appreciate her offer, another friend of yours has already agreed to do your hair. Just make it sound as genuine and polite as you can. You have a right to have your hair done by whomever you choose, but you also need to tell her that her offer is appreciated, but not necessary.
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