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Adult Only Reception. How do I explain?!

My fiance and I have decided we do not want children under 10 to be running around at the reception while their parents are drinking. We want everyone to have a good time and not have to worry about babysitting or watching themselves.

However, we are welcoming children to the ceremony and we have a babysitting plan set up. It will be across the street (literally, like walking distance) from the venue (ceremony and reception at same venue) and we will be providing sitters, pizza, and games/movies.

My question is, how do I let people know all this? Do I put something about in in the invitations? I don't want people to miss out because they think they have nothing to do with the kids that night. Should I include it on an information insert in the invites? Or do I just call the people with kids?

Re: Adult Only Reception. How do I explain?!

  • I"m doing adult only everything and providing a babysitter downstairs from the venue. I am having the kids come up to the room for the cake cutting and eating, cause then everyone will leave. 
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