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I am very allergic to most things that have a scent, how do I ask guests not to overdo their perfume or cologne. if I take allergry meds they make me sleepy.

Re: perfume??

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    all allgery meds? allegara annd zyrtoc work well for me...
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    if you are having a wedding website, put it there. perhaps your mom and mil can tell people they are close with. i cant think of any other options as to how to spread the word.
    maybe check with your doctor on an antihistamine that you havent tried before, take it before the wedding to test it out.
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    IMO, I think you don't ask anything.  You just make sure you take meds for it.

    There are many allergy medicines that don't make you sleepy, or drink a little caffeine to counteract it.  I'm pretty sure you won't be sleepy on your wedding day anyway.

    Also, how do you manage in public?  You don't ask people at the mall, restaurants, movies, etc. not to wear perfume, you shouldn't ask your guests either.
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    Go to your allergist and have him prescribe something that doesn't make you drowsy. Make sure you take it in the weeks leading up to the wedding to make sure you don't have any adverse side effects and to make sure it's working well for you- this way no surprises on your wedding day.
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    You can't tell people not to wear perfume. That's on the same line as telling people how to dress at your wedding.
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    I also have a major perfume allergy and often have to leave public places before I get migraines or can't breathe.      I realize it's rude to tell people not to wear perfume but it's also rude to make the bride violently ill. 
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