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PLEASE HELP....Bridesmaid problems

My Fiance has two brothers, one just got married this past June and his other brother has been dating his girlfriend for the 2 years. When his brother got married I was no part of the wedding at all. My future sister in law didn't want me to be part of her big day because I was not engaged to my fiance at the time. Now his other brother's girlfriend was a bridesmaid in the wedding because she and my futer sister in law were friends before. Where I am coming into problem is I do not want to ask my future sister in law to be a bridesmaid in the wedding because we are not close at all and I have become good friends with my future brother in law's girlfriend and would love for her to be a bridesmaid. My question is will I start World War III, if I ask one to be a bridesmaid and one to have a small part like doing a reading. I could use all the advice I can get!!!
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