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Multiple people in one household

I know etiquette dictates that there should be one invite for every adult, regardless if there are multiple people in the same household. I am not arguing that. But what does etiquette suggest with STD since ours are magnets? I think it would look kind of silly with 3 different STDs on the fridge. Although they may not all be kept on the fridge, it may happen. He would hand deliver them to his aunt and cousins. Is it rude not to send 4?

Re: Multiple people in one household

  • I'm glad you asked this. I hadn't even thought of this and we will be doing magnets too. Thanks.
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    We sent one per house except one situation where we knew the person would make an issue of it.
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  • ahaha thanks for all the advice. I figured the families where multiple people would like to receive one, I would send them. But for that particular family, I doubt his cousins would care.
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    I did magnets, too, and I sent one per household (ie: The Smith Family), AS LONG AS everyone in the household was invited to the wedding. If they were not, I indicated this by addressing the envelopes directly to those invited (ie: Tom and Sally Smith).
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  • Doing magnets too and we're doing one per household but we are addressing the envelopes to those who are invited. (Example: cousin lives with dad (uncle still). Addressing to mr and mrs (uncle and wife) and to my cousin so that way he doesn't think the entire house (his step -daughters) are invited too.
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