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Tipping etiquette

I work at a restaurant, and I was going to hire some friends from work to cater and serve at my wedding.  I was unsure about the etiquette of tipping those who will be serving and bartending.  Since I'm providing the beverages for my guests, is it rude to ask them to tip their bartender?  Or should I offer my friends a higher wage and have them not accept tips? 

Re: Tipping etiquette

  • The only tips should come from you and your husband.  Don't let them put out a tip jar. 
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    [QUOTE].  Don't let them put out a tip jar. 
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    <div>I agree.  I HATE, HATE tip jars at weddings.  Do not ask your guests to tip the bartenders.  </div><div>
    </div><div>However I don't think they should have to turn down tips if people just offer.  Just have them keep it behind the bar unseen.  </div>
  • Thanks for the input! :)
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