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i need some advice from someone outside both of our families. My soon to be mog is nuts! we were best friends before wedding planning started and now that were a week away from the wedding i think weve argued about half a dozen times along the way to the point that she barely ever talks to me anymore and neither does some family members. Shes paying for 85% of the wedding (dj, photographer, florist, and majority of the reception) so she feels that its her way or no way bc shes paying for it and were not. She asks opinions of other family members before she asks me or my FI. we didnt even have a say on the seating chart, she put her friends and family all above my family and our friends. Were down to the last week before the wedding and shes still on her "not talking to me unless she has to" kick or only if its about the wedding. My fiance and i both feel as if were guests at our own wedding. If you give your opinion on anything or state how you feel, she comes back with okay fine pay for your own wedding then!
So ive never voiced my opinion and just went with what she wanted to some degree, but heres the tricky part, when the wedding is all said and done, how does one transition back to a normal life without the planning of a wedding and so much agression towards my MOG with out letting it all out?

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