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Bridesmaids that don't do anything

I have four Bridesmaids and essentially none of them are doing anything to help.  All I've heard is "oh, I hope that isn't too expensive."  or "I can't really do that."  or "I can't..."  Now in all fairness I am not usually someone who needs much (I am a low maintenance friend) but that being said it would be nice is someone did something extra.  Also in all fairness everyone else lives out of town but there is one person that I've flown twice to be in her weddings and made it to both bachelorettes;  she is coming in the day before.   I am fed-up and want to tell all of them I've decided against having a wedding party.  Can I do that?  They haven't invested a dollar and they can just come as guest.  

Thanks!  Frustrated. 
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