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Jumping on the late-intro train...

Hi! I lurked for a while and recently have begun posting more because I find a lot of the advice and conversation interesting!

I’m originally from RI, which is where our wedding will be. FI is from GA, which is where we met. My FI is in the military and we moved together to our new station in October. I work in health policy, and have planned three of my friends’ weddings on the side. We are both goof balls who feel extremely blessed to have found each other and to have the support of our crazy families.

The night FI and I started dating ~4 years ago, I told him (possibly after 1 or 2 cocktails…too many) that come hell or highwater I was going to get married in my church at home one day. I obviously didn’t say “I’m marrying YOU,” but nonetheless I expected this to scare him beyond words, but years later he is making my dream come true this August J

We’re having a “country/coastal” affair to incorporate both of our upbringings. Planning has been good for the most part! I really appreciate the input and ideas from the rest of the knotties on this journey, and hope I can offer some help in return!

I guess that’s all! Happy Monday!

Re: Jumping on the late-intro train...

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    That's great! Welcome.  I'm still a very new newbie here :-)

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    Greetings and salutations!

    Have you and your fiance discussed what you will do in the event one of you is turned into a zombie? My husband and I have agreed if one of us should ever be a werewolf or vampire, we will turn the other, but we draw the line at zombies. 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    I think that's a fair place to draw the line. Most of our deep, theological discussions revolve around fruit on the bottom vs. blended yogurt, but I think we might be getting to the level of trust where we can branch into apocalyptic scenarios. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Hello!  Don't believe all the propaganda out there. . . the regs don't actually bite. 

    Well Addie might if she is already a werewolf or a vampire.

    "Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends time and space."

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    No furbabies... My FI wants one eventually, but I'm just not the type to be like "OMGZ I NEED A PUPPY!" When the time is right later, that'll be fine (I never had pets growing up because my brother was allergic :( ). But, realistically, my FI is gone a lot so it would be my responsibility entirely, and I have zero experience. So he's okay with waiting for a pet knowing we'll get one eventually when he can be of more help. I will need to be trained as much as a pup!

    I'll have to play with my site this weekend to get pics uploaded- newbfail.
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    #1: CLEARLY my vote is for blended yogurt. I think the first time I had FOTB I gagged. But I guess opposites do attract!

    #2: All Cheese. All Wine.
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    Favorite movie? Book?
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    Cute story, Stage!

    My favorite books are... unread. I've been terrrrrrible about leisure reading lately (re: 5+years). BUT, I am the new biggest spender at my local library as of this past weekend, so I'm up for suggestions! Catch me up!

    Thanks for the warm welcome ladies! I can see people get "attacked," and then "attacked" for "attacking" a lot, when everyone is just trying to help and/or have a laugh. You know what I always say? If you don't have something nice to say.... come sit by me :)
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