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Shower Hostess Inviting Non Wedding Guest

First off, I would never put anyone on a shower invite list that was not on my wedding guest

My boss/friend/friend of my mom's is throwing me a rather extravagant couples shower.  Forty couples were invited, so it will be a rather large crowd.  Hostess has no approached me saying that because the party is at her home there are a few other (5 to be exact) couples she would like to invite, all of whom are friends with my parents but not invited to my wedding.  I expressed to her that I felt awkward inviting them to a gift giving event, when they are not even invited to the actual wedding.  She will not hear any of it.

I know it's a party she is hosting and I shouldn't tell her who to invite, i just feel funny.  One of the couples she is wanting to invite is a big time attorney who just was part of winning a large national story case.  Yes, my parents are good friends with them too, but I feel like everywhere I have seen them recently the 15 minutes of fame related to this case still has not faded.

Should I just shut up and let the hostess be the one that looks wrong for doing this inviting?

Thanks :)
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