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This is something I've probably brought up before, but I'm kind of at an impasse right now and I'm not sure what to do.  Any advice would be welcome.

A few years ago, before I met H, I was living with a roommate who was getting out a very bad and violent relationship.  I helped him out financially, repeatedly, with the assurance that when he was back on his feet and had a job, he would pay me back.  I got it in writing (much good that has done me).  The sum of everything he borrowed comes to roughly around $2,000.

It has been four years.  After assuring me multiple times that he still intends to pay the money back, he has given me $200, and the last time he returned anything was in December of 2009.  Every few months, the debt comes up, and he assures me that "this week" he's going to pay part of it.  Meanwhile, I've watched him and his new BF go on vacations, buy two HD televisions and tons of other material stuff.  I know it isn't my business what people do with their finances, but whenever the debt comes up he just tells me things like "Money is so tight right now, next paycheck I'll pay you."

Part of me thinks this is stupid, I should just wash my hands of it and chalk it up to my own idiocy that I ever loaned him money to begin with.  And part of me is just pissed that he continues to take advantage of me.  Am I being petty?  Should I just give up at this point? 

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