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Don't experiment with your hair on a work day-a photographic journey

So, after Fishy looking HAWT yesterday, I figured I'd give the headband curls thing a shot. I have hair that holds curl really well. I look totally high in some of these, sorry. I had way too much salt yesterday so my eyes are really swollen. And I have a screen protector on the front of my phone and it covers the bottom half of the front facing camera, so it's blurry. Sorry.


This is my hair blow dried most of the way. I used a straightening cream, Moroccan oil and a leave in conditioner (normal routine)

I had put it up in a really loose jersey band and didn't feel it was going to hold all night. From start to finish, it took MAYBE 5 min. This is it being in the headband for 5 min and coming right out

I'm pretty pumped at this point. I LOVE these little waves. Alright, this is going to be stellar in the morning

This is it alllll wrapped up. It was super comfortable on, no problems sleeping on it.

This is this morning out of the headband. Super curly! It worked!!

And this is it brushed out. WHAT.THE.MOTHER.EFF.

It is now in the frizziest pony tail of all time.

The end, lesson learned,

"In the old days my ass would be in your back yard picking cotton, so excuse me if I don't put much stock in how f*cking awesome the old days were." -Nuggs
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