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Shower the night before rehearsal dinner?

Hi, ladies!

I am having somewhat of a "destination wedding" in the city my fiance is from. All of the bridesmaids will be coming from out of town. Because they are spread out all over the country (from California to the East Coast), most of them couldn't afford to make two trips within the seven months of my engagement.

I have provided them with hotel rooms for 5 nights, and they will all be arriving at the destination on the Tuesday before the wedding. The Maid of Honor is hosting a shower on the night after we all arrive, which is also the night before the rehearsal dinner. The guest list includes bridesmaids, my mom and stepmother, and my fiance's mom. This was the only way that we could all be there at the same time. MOH has already reserved the restaurant and paid for the refreshments. MOH wants this to be a "honey do" shower where the guests are encouraged to bring a gift relating to household chores. I know it's usually frowned on to have a shower so close to the wedding, so I was wondering if we need to make this just a "welcome party" for the bridesmaids or if it's ok to proceed with it as a shower.

Re: Shower the night before rehearsal dinner?

  • Personally I'd feel horribly bad to make my wedding party take 5 days off of their time AND throw a shower in there.

    I think you should stick with your idea of having it be just the welcome party.
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    With everyone having to travel, buy a dress, stay in a hotel and buy you a wedding present I really think it's a lot to ask of anyone to bring another present so close to the wedding. I'd just have it be a welcome thing honestly.

    edit: I see that you paid for their rooms, sorry! That was really nice. My advice is probably still the same though.
  • I think it would be a great chance to get together...but brining ANOTHER thing to a DW would kinda suck.  I say just have it be a welcome and girly get together night.

    **When I saw this post I thought to myself..."what is this business?? just take your bath or shower the morning of.....LOL**
  • In Response to Re:Shower the night before rehearsal dinner?:[QUOTE]When I saw this post I thought to myself..."what is this business?? just take your bath or shower the morning of.....LOL Posted by BubbsNBubbs[/QUOTE]

    Hahaha, that cracked me up.

    I think it sounds fine since it won't be a huge event.
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  • Just make it a "welcome" party.

    Wow, 5 days is a lot to ask of your WP to take off for your wedding.  My MOH/sister didn't even get into town until about 3 hours before our rehearsal.  She left at 10am the day after the wedding.

  • Thanks for the advice girls!

    I didn't ask them to take 5 days originally. I told them that I was going on Tuesday, and as long as they were there by the rehearsal on Thursday evening, they could come whenever was convenient for them. They all decided they wanted to come on Tuesday or Wednesday, and I booked them rooms through Sunday so that they could stay and enjoy the weekend there after I leave for the honeymoon on Saturday morning.
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