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Hi ladies,

My FI and I will be traveling to NYC next week. FI has been a few times but not during Winter time. As for me, I've never been north of Gatlinburg, TN and that was during October. So, I'm visiting NYC for the first time and during winter... I want to know how I should pack. I will be there for roughly 5 days, the 11th - 15th.

I spoke with a friend who lives in NYC and she suggested buying thermals as a base layer, plus two layers on top of that, a coat, and gloves.

Does this sound about right? I'm a warm natured person and don't get cold that easily so I don't know if I will have to layer as heavy but yet at the same time have never been in 30 degree weather for longer than a couple hours at a time. HELP!


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    It could be 30 or it could be 60. 

    Ive never seen anyone wearing flannels though.

    Bring a winter coat, scarf & gloves, you'll be fine
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    The weather here has been pretty unpredictable. Definitely bring a winter coat, scarf, gloves, sweaters, maybe a few light sweaters. Bring an umbrella too 'cause it's been raining on and off.
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    I agree with your friend, I'd pack a pair of thermals just to be on the safe side.  The weather's been a bit unpredictable lately but it's been getting pretty cold once the sun goes down.  If you're out site seeing you'll probably want the extra warmth.
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