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Planning around cousins wedding (long post)

I also posted this in the student forum before figuring out I should post here... sorry if that is against the rules. I'm new here!

My boyfriend and I are planning on getting engaged soon (yay!). We had been tentatively thinking of having an outdoor wedding June 2012 near my hometown but hadn't shared this with anyone since we weren't "officially" engaged. This date was ideal for having enough time after classes got out to finalize arrangements, but to avoid too much heat in our area that comes in July/August. I will start classes again that August and continue through May 2014 without a break. I'm in an intensive program and do not want to get married during the semester.

My cousin recently got engaged (double yay!) and picked May 2012, which is also right between finishing one school program and starting another. Her wedding will probably be near our hometown. Her date and the dates I was looking at are 3-5 weeks apart.

My boyfriend is concerned that by getting married that soon after my cousin's wedding, it will make either hers or ours or both seem less "special" and tax my family too much. I can see merit in that thought. On the other hand, there isn't really a good alternative besides waiting another two years, which neither of us want to do. Plus, we have vastly different tastes and the weddings are not likely to have much in common. My cousin and I went to different schools and our circles of friends are different, so it would be only the family that we share that could be "burned out".

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