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When to send invitation to a moving guest?

So my FBIL and his family are moving to South Carolina, which is great for them as it is 'temporary' and for a better job opportunity.

However, they plan on moving 2 days after I plan on sending the invitations. Now luckily its just his Brother so obviously we can stay in contact, however the invitations have a good deal of information as far as accomodations, rehearsal info, transportation etc. Also we need the response cards back for entree choices.

There is also the issue that they have much further to travel and may now have to bring their young children who were originally going to stay with FSIL's mother for the weekend. (We're fine with this, but requires additional planning on their part)

Long story short, I'm not sure if I should send them their invitation later or earlier than the rest? I'm inclined to send it 2 weeks later so it does not get lost in the shuffle, but I don't want to short them on time to make plans.

Any suggestions?
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Re: When to send invitation to a moving guest?

  • I'd ask them what they would prefer. Moving definitely does make things into a super hassle. Do you have any kind of wedding website for them to consult in case the paper invitation gets lost? I move a lot, and for me, anything that I can keep track of electronically is a godsend.
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  • Send it later -- but tell them the date/location in advance, if they don't already know it.. 
  • I would probably just call them and say "I know you're moving right around when I plan to send the invitations, would it be easier for you if I send the invitation early to your old address or on the later side to your new address".

    You also want to make sure that if you send it later they know why, otherwise they may be offended to hear that other people received invitations before they did. 
  • Since they are family and are probably already aware of the wedding date and details, I would probably just hold their invite until they can give you their new address.
  • are you close (location wise) to them?  maybe hand deliver it before they move.
  • Unfortunately they are in NJ right now and we are in RI.

    We do have a website with most of the information that will be on the Invite. We are seeing them next weekend, I'll probably just ask them what they would prefer,

    Thank you for your help!
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  • I would send it earlier, then make sure that your website has any info they might need.  Since it's your brother, it will be a lot easier to get information from him verbally if they lose the response card.
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