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Glen Island Harbour Club - preferred vendors

Has anyone gotten married at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle?  My fiancee and I are thinking that will eb are venue but are curious about their preferred vendors list.  Does anyone have any experience there with the florists - djs or photographer?  Any help would be much appreciated!

Re: Glen Island Harbour Club - preferred vendors

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    I got married there this past October and it was great.  The only vendors that you must use are the florists - Arcadia and Diane Gould, all other vendors are your choice. 

    Most florists will work with whatever budget you give them.  I met with Arcadia and Diana Gould.  I only needed personal flowers and a couple of cermony arrangements as I had non-floral centerpeices.  I like flowers, but they were not my priority in planning.  At Diana Gould, I met with a designer (not Diana Gould) who gave me quote where the required deposit was as much as the total I wanted to spend.  She did not notice that when she sent me the quote!  I went with Arcadia where I dealt with Sam, one of the owners.  They did a good job.  I loved my bouquet and the other flowers were nice, not spectacular.  I'm sure if I paid more attention to those details and maybe asked for a mockup, I would have known in advance what I was going to get. 

    In the end, what the guests talk about are the view, the food and the service so I'm sure you'll be happy with GIHC.

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    colleenlew - what kind of centerpieces did you use?  I like flowers and all, but I am more into the candles and that kind of ambiance.  Actually, our flower budget is probably going to be one of the smallest pieces of the budget.
    Thank you so much for responding btw!  I am glad to hear your wedding at GIHC was great : )
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    I used Global Fusion hurricane lamps from Partylite:

    There was a half off special when I bought them.  They cost less than flowers and they are a great keepsake.  They looked beautiful on round mirrors and 4 votives (from GIHC) around them.  I gave them away at the end of the reception.
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    Friend got married there and used Roots florist in Port Jefferson and booked their photography with Alexis Stein Photo. They were doubly pleased with their choices. I booked with both of these vendors as well for my wedding.
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    Thank you all so much for your help!  We have not signed our contract yet for the wedding, but will be soon : )
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    Love GIHC but unforutnatley they force you to use their over priced vendors.  Its sad that any venue can do that.  Its not right at all not to have choices.  I'd just be very very specific and make sure you get what you want - a bit more effort should ensure that for you.  Good luck
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    The only vendor you are required to use as stated above is the florist. I am working with Arcadia and am finding them very affordable. A wedding in Westchester is going to be expensive regardless of what venue or vendors you use. The great thing about the recommended vendors is that they give you priority above all other venues if you are at Glen Island. I have felt like we've been treated like royalty thus far : )
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