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new to board not from nyc

hi!  my name is Ally and I am getting married!!!  my fiances family is originally from new york and we want to plan a wedding here to celebrate that.  i've sort of been checking in but wanted to introdice myself.


Seems easy to find alot of expensive vendors and though i am just starting to figure out the cost of everything i know we done have 125 thousand for a wedding.  do you guys know some great vendors who produce a great package but don't cost a downpayment on a house? it's just so overwhelming on where to start.  there seem to be so many options but i don't want to get duped by a crappy florist or dj or photog.

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    are you looking for all sorts of vendor info?

    as for florist I ALWAYS recommend Designs By Rose.  She is great!  Just tell her your ideas/budget and she'll work her magic.

    Not sure if you need other info - let us know.

    good luck

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    Your post is much too vague.  There's much to take into consideration - amount you want to spend, what you are looking for in terms of style, quality for photographer, florist, etc.  Since you are on the Knot, you should take a look at a few vendors on here and see what you like.  Get an idea of what you'd like/vision you want to better come up with an idea of vendors to achieve that.  Then it'll be easier to find vendors.

    There are reasonably priced vendors, but as with anything, you have to know what you want and desire - just saying you don't want to spend a lot doesn't help that much...
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    You need to give us more info if you want help with vendors!  You definitely don't need $125K to have a wedding here. 
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    Our vision is to have a chic, cool wedding.  A big city wedding because it's what I have always dreamed of.  We're trying to sepnd 30-ish for 150-ish people.  I google for like photographer and dj and places and florist but what i likes seems super pricey and there are so many companies.  Hard to tell who is good and who is fluff.  I was hoping to get some cool advice from nyc girls on some cool vendors but not too costly.  

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    Because you're looking for everything, I'm gonna direct you to the Kvetch Indiebride site and particularly the Vendors forum.  There's a thread called 2010 NYC Brides that might help, and lots of old threads - particularly the one from NYC 2007 - that would be usefult to peruse:

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    There are so many good venues, and for me, that's where I started to help set the tone of the wedding.

    Another great suggestion could be to look at some places online that are what you like, and we can give opinions if we've been there.
    Like are you looking for something like the Capitale? Or something like the Plaza?
    Different vibes!
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    Agree with starting at venue.  Absoutely.

    Are you thinking of a spring/summer/early Fall wedding with some outdoor element, or is that not important?  (Boathouse in Prospect Park, as well as the Palm House at Brooklyn Botanical are awesome, if you want a little bit of nature... Bridgewaters has views and is popular...)  Would you want a chic downtown restaurant atmosphere (like City Hall in Tribeca, for one example)?  Or is funky, fresh, urban more your thing?  (Metropolitan Bldg in LIC; Foundry (although I think it only fits 100); Tobacco Warehouse; Galapagos; Bell House, Housing Works, etc., etc... )  How about modern/sleek/spare?  (Bubby's; Steiner Studios; one of the zillion big windowed lofts where you can have a wedding...)  Or something kind of old NY, like one of the mansions (Alger House, Montauk Club...), the Fire Museum, or are we talking about an art deco ballroom (Twenty-Four Fifth; Prince George; etc, etc)...  SO MANY PLACES!
    Here is a good place to start reading about locations in NYC, although it is far, far, far from exhaustive:
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    yes, definitely give your thoughts on what kind of personality you are looking for for your wedding--then we can be more helpful. and i ditto the reviews on kvetch.
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    Definitely start with the venue so that you can book early (and often lol) I decided on it for my wedding (so i suggest it for others) but oceana ballroom it nice.

    Nyc has it all tho, def use the links on this site as theyve suggested but you may want to also figure the borough/area you're looking to stay in as well, you don't want anything that will be hard to reach for your family 9since youre not originally form new york)
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