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Sister has to be included?

Hello ladies, I looked for a previous answer for this question and didn't stumble across  one so, here goes!

My sister isn't the most pleasant person in the world. We aren't close and she has not even asked me how FI proposed (its been a week now..)

She never has anything nice to say to me, never calls to see how I am doing, and I stopped calling her because of her outright rudeness and overall mean deamenor. Thats really just the tip of the iceberg, she is terrible to my parents as well.

I don't want her in my wedding party. Well I do, because she is my sister and I just WANT HER TO BE NORMAL, but butterflies would sooner fly out of my ass then Erin change her ways. So that being said, I don't want her in my WP.

I am pretty sure she just assumes she will be in it, so is there a tactful way of explaining to her she isn't? That I would rather have loving supportive people around me? Or do I just have to bite the bullet and have her as a BM, but not MOH?

I appreciate your advice ahead of time!
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