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NWR: Christmas Card Conundrum, WWED

I made our Christmas cards on Shutterfly in November when they were having a sale, and used our wedding photo.  Well, our cards only arrived YESTERDAY (we live overseas -- military -- they were shipped by the deadline but still didn't get here in time).   

So for the last few weeks, I figured I would just send them when we get them, and people will understand that they are late because we're overseas.

As I was addressing them yesterday, I realized that the card contains a typo that results in our last name being misspelled (the typo was my mistake, not Shutterfly's).  It took me a long time to notice it, and my husband didn't notice until I pointed it out.  

I am MORTIFIED to send out Christmas cards with our name misspelled, and since they are way late anyway, I think we should just not send them.   H thinks it's not that noticeable and we should send them out because we paid for them.   I'm worried that his family is going to think that I can't be bothers to spell our name right.  



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    [QUOTE]I'd save the postage and not send them. They are late and the name is misspelled. Maybe you can put the picture into an email and send everyone a happy new year's email instead. Were they very expensive?
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    </div><div>They were like $35 for 50 cards.  A lot of the people I was going to send them to don't have email (they are older relatives), but I do like that idea.

  • The perfectionist in me would reorder and turn them into New Year cards.  The poor underpaid social worker in me who couldn't afford to order new cards would send them anyway and on specific individual's cards I'd write a cute note...about it being a crazy year and with the name change you made a mistake or something.  Tough call!

  • I wouldn't send them. Between being late and the mistake I'd probably just toss them.
  • I'm with Liatris - reorder and send them as New Year's cards.  Yeah, it's 35 bucks, but hey, it's only 35 bucks and it could be a whole lot worse.
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    I actually did the same thing.  I ordered our TY cards without the d on the end of our last name.  We used VP and had vouchers, so I ordered in 2 batches, so half had the misspelling and the other half were correct.  Could you cover up the misspelling with label or sticker?  Then send them as NYs cards?
  • If I re-ordered them now, I'd be lucky to get them in time for St. Patrick's Day cards:-)  The part of the card with the name is black with thin yellow lettering, so I could potentially mark through the last name only with black sharpie marker.   

    H doesn't think anyone will notice, because of the people we're sending them to, the only people who MIGHT notice are those family from his side with the same last name, and even they might not (old, poor eyesight, whatever).  And he didn't even notice until I pointed it out.  
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    I accidentally put one of the numbers in wrong for the Christmas address labels I ordered from VistaPrint, and I was so bummed b/c I really wanted to use them. I took a pen and corrected the address. It looked ghetto and I hope nobody really noticed. Haha! Not quite the same as your situation, but just saying I feel your pain at this "aaaaaargh, I can't believe I screwed that up with a typo!" moment. I would be too excited about sending the cards not to just go ahead and send them and hope nobody notices the spelling!
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  • I personally wouldn't use them, but I bet if it were us, FI would say "go ahead" (he has a crazy last name that is always misspelled).  Where on the card is your last name?  Any way you could put a nice sticker over it (I'm thinking something fancy and gold?)
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    I wouldn't send them, but that's me. I'd be too embarrassed. :)

    Does your family celebrate Easter? You mentioned they wouldn't get to you until March. Easter is March 31 next year.
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  • Can you make it a joke?  Send then and add a little note on extra paper asking if the recipients can find the error?  I would think that would be cute, or just send them as they are.  

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  • Where on the card is your last name? Is it inside with a greeting? If so, I suggest doing what I've done before when I didn't like the greeting. I bought cardstock and cut it to fit the inside of the card with a 1/4 margin, printed the greeting I wanted instead, signed them and then adhered the new card to the inside, covering up the orginal text.

    If your last name is on the outside, can you purchase some embellishments (stickers, glitter glue, rhinestones, etc.) to cover it up and add a little sparkle to the photo card? Or can you cover it with a ribbon tied around it and add a little tag with your last name?

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