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When to think about the ceremony?

At what point do you start considering your decor for your ceremony? We will have a church wedding...not sure which church, but I have yet to contemplate as to what the decor would be like.....??Simple? how simple is simple? Flowers...runner..hmmmm

Re: When to think about the ceremony?

  • I'd say that you should probably book the church before you start thinking about ceremony decor.  After that, it's a matter of taste and budget.  You can have flowers on every pew and giant arrangements in the front or you can have nothing.  Some churches don't allow aisle runners.  Like I said, book the church first and then start thinking about decor.
  • Definitely book the church first - your date isn't finalized until the ceremony (the most important part) is all squared away, so take care of that first. Decor is the LAST thing you should be thinking of right now. Once you book the church, then see what their restrictions are, or what existing decorations they have. We are getting married the weekend after Easter, so the church will already be decorated with fresh flowers and we don't have to do a thing.
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