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Question re: Hotel Giraffe


Does anyone know approximately how much per person it costs to have a reception at Hotel Giraffe?

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    expiredbrideexpiredbride member
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    When we looked about a year and a half ago it was about $165 + tax + service charge. But I also remember there was some flexibility with the price.

    The space though is very underwhelming. Have you seen it?

    There are two spaces:

    The reception/ ceremony area  is literally a large hotel suite with an outside terrace. Max 1500 sq feet. The outside terrace is really nice. So unless you are having around 30-40 people it is very cramped. 

    There is downstairs room for cocktails, but it is literally in the basement with no windows and a funky room size.

    I know more info than you asked for but hope this helps!

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    why not try Bryant Park Grill or Battery Gardens?
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    lynnjvlynnjv member
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    Hi - I agree with the PP on the Hotel Giraffe.  If you have a small guest list, it can work, but the space may not appeal to all.

    We ended up at Bryant Park Grill, and it's perfect for our 150 guest wedding.

    Happy planning!

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