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Ceremony Music Showdown: Traditional vs. Avant-Garde

I looked through the message boards and was hoping to find people to help me through this particular predicament, but no such luck.Pretty much the only thing I've got my heart set on for my wedding ceremony is the music I walk in to (it's a really soft electronica trance track).  I've been thinking of music for my processional/recessional, and I've been looking at really interesting, avant-garde, even quirky songs  (I really liked Il Trovatore from the Opera Chillout CD for the processional, and Sayonara Senorita by Reel Big Fish for the recessional).  Unfortunately, my fiancee is revealing to me every day that he's WAY more traditional than I am...he wants the recessional to be the traditional Wedding March, and that just makes me feel uncomfortable.I wanted to choose non-traditional music for my wedding because I hate the music I usually hear at weddings, and I wanted mine to be more fun and interesting, and above all more personal.  How can I compromise with my fiancee without having a ceremony that we both can't stand planning/participating in/looking back on?

Re: Ceremony Music Showdown: Traditional vs. Avant-Garde

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    I agree, compromise by letting him pick one while you pick the other. I also agree with you that I hate the Wedding March, but it's his wedding too. Maybe research some other "traditional" recessional songs and let him listen to them, and maybe he'll find something he likes. That way, he gets his traditional pick, and you don't have to deal with something you really don't like. (I also just saw Reel Big Fish perform a few weeks ago - great show!)
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    Thanks for all your wonderful comments.  We ended up splitting things: he gets to walk in to his cello suite by Bach, I get to walk in to Halcyon + On + On by Orbital.  I've momentarily surrendered to the wedding march, but we're both on the lookout for something better.  So far he has shown very little interest in helping suggest music, but he always tells me when he thinks my selection is inappropriate.  Somehow, we'll manage. :)
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