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Asking a friend to be your officiant..

My fiance and I have been considering asking a friend to be our officiant instead of finding a stranger.  Our friend is not ordained, but I've been doing research about the Universal Life Church (, where they ordain you for free.  Also, I live in California, and my county (among others) offers a program where an individual can become a "One-Time Deputy Marriage Commissioner".  That program costs money and the person has to take a short class, but it's another option.  We're really in love with the idea of having this friend do this for us, but I was wondering if anyone else has taken (or is planning to take) either of these routes?  Have you run into any problems with this not being considered official or legal?  The ULC seems legit, but I'd like to get the opinions of people who have experience through them!

Re: Asking a friend to be your officiant..

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    Yes, I would check with your local government but the ULC is legit. My FH is ordained, he has married almost all of our friends over the years. Now that we are getting married he has asked one of his good friends to marry us. I am very excited about this. Good luck to you Darlingnikki!
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    We are having a friend do ours. She is an attorney and a notary so we are all set.  Do you have any friends that are either?
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    Thanks everyone!  I'll have to do some more research on whether ULC is recognized in California (does anyone know?  I'm in Santa Clara County), but I think if they allow the "officiant for a day" thing, then they'll probably allow ULC ordained people as well.And my friend is excellent with his words and with public speaking.  He's a really talented slam poet, and he's a teacher.  We haven't asked him yet (we're trying to think of something special to do), but knowing him, he'll be honored at the idea!!
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    We're doing this - my big brother offered to get ordained online for us. I'd never thought about it before but it's such a special thing to me now! Like everyone said, check with your state/county to be sure.
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