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Recessional Music?

Hi All!I'm having a small outdoor wedding at my dad's farm in August.  For my processional music I will be having an acoustic guitar version of Edelweiss (no singing).  I'm getting a little stuck for a recessional song though. I like the idea of having something acoustic sounding to match the outdoorsy mood of the wedding and the processional song but a little upbeat.  Anyone have any suggestions?  The FI and I are pretty open to all music backgrounds (country, swing, polka, classical, pop, whatever...we can always find an instrumental version)Thanks!

Re: Recessional Music?

  • Hhmm...all you need is love would have a nice beat but I wouldn't feel the need to bop my way down the aisle. I like!  I'll run it by the FI. Thanks!
  • We are doing acoustic guitar for our outdoor ceremony as well & we are doing "Let my love open the door" by Peter Townshend.  Its a special song for us & FI is engraving some of the lyrics on my wedding band. :-)
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  • I also would've picked "Let My Love Open the Door" if we weren't marrying in a Catholic church. Great choice!"Happy Together" by the Turtles could also be cute.
  • Great suggestions! I really like "Let me love open the door"!  I'll have to see what acoustic versions I can find through ITunes.  Thanks!
  • ooh, I like that suggestion of "happy together"...I think I need to add that to our playlist for our reception! :-)
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  • For our outdoor ceremony, we used an acoustic guitar version of "Here Comes the Sun" for our Processional, and "Music for a Found Harmonium" (Patrick Street) for our Recessional.  It's the piece that plays at the end of Napoleon Dynamite, and it always makes us get up and dance a little jig--we love it :) 
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