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Day of makeup

My wonderfully generous MOH has offered to pay for me to have airbrushed makeup for my wedding. She will pay for me and her, but can't afford to pay for my other bridesmaid. I'm on a really tight budget so this is an amazing gift as I had planned on us doing our own makeup. What should I do about the other bridesmaid? I'm not sure if the BM can afford a makeup artist either. Should I offer to pay for the bridesmaid (even though right now it's not in my threadbare budget) or tell her that if she'd like to use the makeup artist it'll be $$?

ETA: Does it make a difference if the makeup artist will be traveling to us?

Re: Day of makeup

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    No need to pay for the other BM, or to make it known that your MOH is paying for yours.  Just tell her if she wants to get her make up done with you guys it's $X and to let you know and you'll book all the appointments together or something.
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    I don't think she should feel left out if you mention when, where, and how much it's going to be.  It will be her choice if she wants to get it done.
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    You dont need to pay for the BM, You can let her know she has that option, it is her choice if she wants to pay to have it done.
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    I think you only need to pay for the other bridesmaid if you're requiring her to use your MOH for her makeup.  If not, I'd just let her know how much it costs and let her decide.
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