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Ideas for children in wedding ceremony

Hi everyone. Fiance and I have 20 nieces/nephews ages 5-18. A couple of parents (i.e. our siblings) will expect their children to be involved in the ceremony, while others won't care. I don't mind, but I think that if one child gets a role, all of them should have an opportunity. Any suggestions of good ways to involve kids in a church ceremony in minor (but equal!) roles? Thanks!

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    Guest.  Remember that being a guest IS an honor.  Trying to incorporate 20 children of such disparate ages into a wedding ceremony is a logistical nightmare.
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    I think your best bet is to not have any children at all in the wedding.   20 is WAY to many to try to find roles for.  Your wedding will be a circus.  Imagine trying to get that many kids to actually cooperate and do what you want them to do.I have 11 nieces and nephews to choose from so we just made it clear from the beginning that we weren't having any kids in the wedding.  All of my siblings understood and no one made a big deal about it at all.
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    20 i9s too many to include all That said flower girls , ring bearers, presenter of gifts, ushers, alter servers, singers, readers,   Or you could do what my family always does Which is have a picture of teh bride and groom and then all their neices and nephews on bride side and one with all teh necies and neophews on grooms side. This special picture is what I recomend for you. ( we also do one for all cousins too)
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    I agree that finding jobs for 20 kids in that age range is going to be difficult.  We have 4 neices and 1 on the way.  I'm having 2 be flower girls and 1 a junior bridesmaid.  I didn't want the last to feel left out so I am having her hand a flower to each woman as the enter the wedding.  It is a nice job but not one that is overly difficult for an 8 year old. 
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