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Proper phrasing for "favor" cards

So it's still far off but I'm bored and thinking about this now. My FI and I are planning on allocating what would have been the budget for guest "favors", and instead donating that money to the ASPCA, or something similar. I recently went to a wedding where the bride did this for a veteran's charity, because her H is in the military. She had little cards that were at each table setting that said something about where the donation was going, and I really loved the idea because I would much rather the money go there than to a piece of plastic or candy for me.

Anyway, any ideas on a good way to phrase this on a card for the guests? I want them to know that the donation was made in lieu of something else. I just can't think of an eloquent way to say it. Thanks in advance, ladies. :)

ETA: After several replies, I have seen other sides of this and realize it would come across differently than I intended and didn't see that before! I won't be doing this now after those considerations.Thank you for the advice/insight. Much appreciated!
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