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Thankyou card question

Hi ladies,

Wedding is over! Now comes the process of writing my thankyou cards.

Quite a few people gave us really early wedding gifts. Some gave us gifts a couple weeks before the wedding, and a couple gave us wedding gifts along with my shower gift (which my shower was a couple months ago). I wrote thankyou cards to all those early wedding gifters as soon as I received the gifts. 

So my question is, do I write an additional thankyou card to them, now that it's a couple months later, thanking them for the gift again and thanking them for coming to the wedding? My initial thought is no, that I already thanked them and that it's overkill to send them ANOTHER card for the same gift. I just wanna ask for all you ettiquette pro's out there for your opinion, to make sure I don't hurt anyone's feelings!

Thanks! :)
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