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Alternative to Bouquets - Continued

I am glad I am not the only bride not doing bouquets. My wedding is more sci-fi themed and the GMs are covered. They are all geeks and wearing a simple Star Trek insignia pin (doubles as their favor too!) but I'm having trouble with my BMs. Someone mentioned garden globes since if you get the right ones they can look like planets (getting married in the city's planetarium) but I wanted to see if there were other ideas anyone can toss out.

Re: Alternative to Bouquets - Continued

  • Bouquets are mainly for teh cermoney and I woudl think that taking your theme too far into the ceremoney would make light of teh serious commitment you are making by getting married
  • I have to disagree. The ceremony is not about the frills and fripperies you put into it. Flowers are not a requirement for marriage and just because you don't have any does not mean this is going to be a less serious ceremony. When people think sci fi, they automatically think something cheesy and our wedding is far from it hence the reason why I was looking for alternatives to bouquets. Besides, I have been married once before. I can understand more if you are a first time bride (symbol of purity, etc.) but I'm not.
  • to pp, this is not your wedding, you don't like it, you don't have to do it. to ladylum:Glow sticks?  Fiber Optic lights with flashlights? You know, if change your mind about the flowers, there's a whole series of Star Trek related named daylilies and hostas I had also paged you in the Budget forum, I wanted to know your music playlist.
  • How about something like this think you are doing your Star Trek theme very tastefully.  When I first read it I was thinking they were going to have the full on Star Trek shirts/tight pants etc. (Maybe even Spock ears!)  But I love that you are taking something you both like and incorporating it in a way that is fun but not over the top.  Good luck!
  • Button bouquets!!!! i love them, you can go to and just search for them and brings up tons! i dont know if that will tie into your theme or not but it's an alternative.
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