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I had scheduled an appointment with to look at a venue.  "G" was going to be meeting us and showing us around.  She seemed nice in emails prior to it and the day before sent an email stating that she had a meeting that might run late.  If that happened, she would have "J", another coordinator, show us around.  "J" was the one that did show us around, and although originally this venue was not out first choice, she did an awesome job and we now want to book there.  Problem is, "G" is the one calling and emailing us to see if we want to book.  We actually want "J" to actually be our coordinator instead.  I would like to send an email asking if this is possible but I'm not exactly sure how to say it without being rude.  We have nothing against her but "J" was completely what we were looking for and had a ton of great ideas that worked with us.  Would it be wrong to ask this or any suggestions on how to word it?  Thanks all

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