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Sticky Situation with Guest list!

Long story short (kinda) sorry.. 

My ex bf is the bigget tool that refuses to leave me alone after years, despite the fact he broke my heart and is a schmuck. I've ignored his communication attempts for a year now. Anyways ! 

I was extrememly close with his family while we were together, worked for his sister for awhile, and was a bridesmaid for two out of his three sisters (way after him and I broke up). It was hard being around his family again (not that I missed him or anything but just in general you know) and I'm still regular friends with his sisters to this day. 

Here's the problem. I want to invite his family to the wedding but how do I do that without having him tag along?! I can't say on the invitation Everyone but your son because I get along with the mom and dad too... His family doesn't know how he's treated me and I don't want to cause drama amongst them or hurt them in any way since they've been so good to me in the past and still now. 

Having him at the wedding would ruin everything - my fiance can't stand this guy, without ever having met him and he doesn't belong anywhere near this celebration. 

What do I do?! I can't NOT invite his family because of him - they'd be very hurt, and I want his sisters to come -  I just cannot STAND him. 

I'm totally lost girls.  HELP !!! 
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