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Grandma Nugget stikes again

So I called GN last night to chat for a bit, and she was telling me about how she'd gone to a museum that day with some other ladies she volunteers with and how at the museum they had some kind of multicultural exhibit about music in different cultures.  One of the exhibits was about slavery and how the slave songs used to have coded messages and whatnot, and how they used spoons as instruments (I wasn't really paying attention because she tells stories like I do which means they're long and run on and go into different random tangents.)

ANYWAYS.  She then goes "I told those ladies I sure am glad I wasn't alive in those days because my big mouth would have gotten me strung up on a tree!"  And when I was all ".....Mana you can't say that to people." she goes "Well they're all teachers so it's okay.  But I was the only chocolate person there!"  And I'm like "Why are you calling yourself chocolate?" to which she replied "I don't want to be called black anymore because I'm not black.  I think of black like the color of a shirt, and I'm not that color.  I know that people from Africa are that color but I'm not from Africa so I'm chocolate.  So that's what I told those ladies when one of them asked me a question about being black, that I'm not a black I'm chocolate."  And yes she said A black.

If I wanted to hear the pitter-patter of little feet, I'd put shoes on the cat. image

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