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Corsages for fiance's sisters who are not in the wedding

My Fiance's sisters are not bridesmaids due to us not being close, and fiance also felt like it was not necessary. I would like to think of a special way to honor them as being his family and I was thinking it would be nice to do corsages. Maybe something smaller or use a different flower than I use for the mothers and grandmothers. Would that be out of line? My mom seems to think so, and said she has never seen a wedding where they did that, but would anyone really even care or remember besides those with the corsages?
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Re: Corsages for fiance's sisters who are not in the wedding

  • It's certainly not necessary to get them corsages, though there's nothing wrong with it if you'd like to.

    I doubt anyone will really notice whether or not your FI's sisters have corsages, though.
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  • Why would it be out of line??  We are giving corsages to FI's sisters who are not in the WP.  I can't imagine why anybody would have a problem with that.
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  • My sister and I were readers at my brother's wedding.  I wasn't expecting a corsage but I was really touched when I got one.  I hate wearing those things.. it feels like prom.. but I was really excited she included me in that way.
  • a popular thing to do, which I plan on doing, is giving mini-bouquets to the moms and grandmother. Just put maybe 5 flowers together with  simple trim. My future SIL did this at her wedding and I thought it looked really classy. I got one as well since my fiance was the best man I was considered part of the family. Just a thought to avoid any "promness".
  • I think that the corsages are a very nice gesture. 
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  • We are giving Fi's sister, and my SILs all corsages since none of them are in the wedding, but are still family. We wanted to make sure that they were still included.

    I think its a nice gesture, and think you should go ahead with it.
  • I am doing corsages for my sister and FSIL as well, although neither are in the wedding party. I think it's a nice gesture although my mom hates the idea. She thinks the florist is just trying to rip me off. But I like the idea and am the one paying for the entire wedding so flowers for them it is. It's really just a personal decision which way you go.
  • i provided a corsage to my SIL who was not a bridesmaid, as well as the girlfriend of H's brother, who was our best man.  i also gave SIL's fiance a bout even tho he wasnt in the wedding either.  it was a very small expense, and we wanted to do it.
  • It's fine either way.  My SIL didn't give me anything when I attended their wedding (engaged at the time - her H is my H's brother).  I didn't do flowers for her at our wedding.  NBD either way. 
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