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thank you card question

Hi everyone...probably should have purchased these before the wedding, but I didn't, and now have a question about thank you cards.  I just got back from my honeymoon and am ready to start the thank you note process.  As far as the cards themselves, is there anything I should know, etiquette-wise?  Is it fine to just buy blank folded cards w/ a nice design on them (and then obviously a personalized note on the inside), or do I "need" to get personalized or monogrammed cards?  Can the cards say "thank you" on the outside, but be blank on the inside for a personal note?  I think I'm overthinking this, but just wanted to check...

thanks very much!!

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    You can use any cards you want as long as there is a handwritten personal note inside.
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    We just used some generic ones that had a heart on the outside. 
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    I went a wedding a while ago and didnt hear back from the bride whether or not she got our gift. Then 4 or 5 months later I gave up hearing from her and we received a thank you card from her that had pics of her and her husband from their wedding. It was obvious they ordered fancy personalized cards, but they took so long to order and ship out that we just assumed she wasn't sending thank you's.

    Moral is, we didnt even notice that she had her pics on the front, we thought she was ignoring us and didnt care to write us a thank you. So unless you can get them out quickly, people don't really notice how fancy the card is, they notice the nice note or sentiment you send them.
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    It can be anything.  Target has some very nice cards for like $10/50 - they are letterpress.  That's what I'm using for my shower.  I have personal monogram notes for wedding gifts we receive early and we ordered joint monogram notes for those we are sending out after the wedding.  I sort of dislike the photo thank yous because 1)  I don't care and 2) it adds at least a month and a half to the thank you note process since they have to wait for photos to come back. We wanted something "personal" (though I also suspect my guests won't care), and that's why we went with the monogram since they could be ordered early.  But it's totally unnecessary.

    Point is, I really think that most couples should be able to get thank yous out within a month of their wedding - both the bride and groom can work on them, and they only take about 5 min each.  Have a movie marathon and get them done you know?  If you didn't order them early, then just pick them up at a store nearby so you can get started.
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    Getting them out is the number one thing!  Obviously even at Target thank yous can get very expensive, so just look for something pretty and get busy : )  I had a cousin who sent the picture thank you, and they didn't so much as sign their was printed "Thank You. Love, *Jimmy & *Sandy".  SO rude.  If I took the time to write you a note in the card, you can at least sign your freaking name on your cheaty thank you card.

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    We sent out generic "thank you" on the outside/blank on the inside notes from Fred Meyer. We wrote a personalized note on the inside. Honestly, I wouldn't care what the note looked like. I'd be glad I just got one.
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    As long as the inside contains a personalized handwritten graciously worded message, it doesn't matter what the outside looks like.
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