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S/O Short Marriages...

What do you think causes them? More in real life than in the tabloids - I mean, I think we all know why Kim and Kris didn't make it. What do you think about the subject? I'm a nosy Nelly on FB and I just realized two MORE friends had marriages under 1 year...I just can't understand it.

Do you think it's people who don't reveal the "real" them before the wedding? Do you think there's denial? Pressure to get married? How/Why do you think these things happen?

I'm not trying to be judgy, I honestly can't wrap my head around standing in front of your families and each other, promising to be together forever and try hard to keep it that way, yada yada to give up before a year. So many times, people are engaged longer than they're married...This whole short marriage thing is becoming sort of a trend (at least on my FB apparently...)

What are your thoughts?
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