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Hey girl, hey...
I'm sure you posted about this- but seeing as my laptop is broken and my desktop is suuuper slow- I don't want to read through 20 pages of posts to get the answer, so:
How was the cruise? Tell me all about it.
Also, your sig pic is super cute. Aaand did ya have a glass of pinot for me?

PS- We are going on an Alaskan cruise in late July, any tips about what kind of clothes to bring?

Re: *Roxy*

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    Hey! Thanks. I was wondering where you've been!
    The cruise was pretty awesome, it rained several days but we had a lot of fun. It poured and poured while we were at the beach on Christmas day which was just so odd.
    Noone got engaged but T's oldest sister announced that her and her husband are having a baby which is super exciting.

    I had a lot of wine, I'n prettty sure I had some Pinot one night but I can't say for certain as there was a lot of drinking..

    Alaskan cruise, hmm..rain jacket, jeans, t shirts, a sweater...some good hiking shoes if you choose to do so.
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    Fantastic, I'm glad you had fun despite the rain.
    Did d-bag FSIL's BF enjoy his gift? And what did you decide to give?
    And I'm sure you had a pinot somewhere in there. :)

    I'm figuring just layering for the cruise, taking a bit of everything. California weather is drastically different than Alaska's, so I thought I'd ask.  There is this excursion called "dry suit diving" that we might consider, but I dunno... I can't imagine staying dry while snorkeling.
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    Oh gosh. Yes, he liked his gift because at the last minute T decided we should go get him the stupid coffee giftcard. So he got a t shirt and a $25 coffee giftcard. Whatever.
    Yes, layering is definitely your best bet, Alaska had an aweome summer last year so maybe they will this year too. Who knows. Hmm, dry snorkeling? Also, what the heck is there to see snorkeling in Alaska?
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    Haha, a coffee giftcard sounds about as boring as he does. Not to be offensive to T, just that it seems to suit him (D-bag FSIL'sBF) perfectly.

    Yea, not sure about the dry suit thing.  It was one of the "recommended excursions" from Holland America; apparently there is beautiful underwater life at one of our stops. I'm thinking staying on the ship and drinking on our verandas sounds like the best plan so far. There was also an excursion (that FI is in love with) for dog sledding. Hmmm. I love dogs, but this is not at the top of my list.

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    No offense to T taken, he just felt guilty for only getting the guy a t-shirt. Luckily we didn't really see or hangout with his younger sister and douche bf too much. T's sister got in a pissy mood often. We hung out mostly with his oldest sister who we love, love.

    That's so weird about the gorgeous underwater life. Where are your ports of call?

    We're going to San Francisco in February, I forget, where in CA do you live?
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