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Does anyone remember the dollar dance?

Hi Everyone,

I know this is random, but I was just thinking about this today when I was making the wedding day timeline. I had to laugh when I thought about the wedding I had been to that had a a dollar dance (it was not a part of either bride or groom's culture it was for their honeymoon).  I also thought about the how long and boring the bridal party dances were to watch as a guest. I know that the day is personal to the bride and groom, but does anyone else have memories of other wedding they have been to that they personally want to avoid?  

Re: Does anyone remember the dollar dance?

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    Not really, actually.

    However, people are always going to judge and I'm sure my wedding had some kind of faux pas that people will talk about.  Just as yours will. 

    It's ok.  Life goes on.

    "You can take your etiquette and shove it!" ~misscarolb
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    I definitely have seen things at other weddings that I wouldn't do. If all weddings were the same it would be boring, right? Ex: I'm not doing a bouquet toss.

    Specifically, though, FI's cousin had a video/slideshow of him and his wife playing after dinner. Which was awkward because no one wanted to go up to the bar, and no one could start dancing, so we all just sat there. It was about 20 minutes long and not particularly good. FI mentioned he wouldn't want to do something like that because it seemed to stop the flow of the party.
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    Oh wait.  I do have something.

    I only had one wedding ;)

    "You can take your etiquette and shove it!" ~misscarolb
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    The only things I've seen at weddings I've been to that I haven't been fond of are multiple toasts and bridal party dances. My cousin recently got married and there were four toasts. At that point, we were hungry and we hadn't even gotten to the room where dinner was being served. Then we went to another room for dinner, when dinner was done, we were shuttled to another room, which was sad because I was having a great conversation with the people I was sitting with. The room with dancing didn't have any seating near the dance floor either.

    I don't like bridal party dances because I've done them twice and they were both very awkward for me.

    I'll stop whining now.
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