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Hi Ladies! I frequently post on the Pittsburgh board and have an etiquette qestion on invitation wording that I thought you ladies could help me with!

I have been working on designing my own invitations recently and since my parents are paying for my wedding, I started the invitation wording with 'Mr. & Mrs. X  request...' Now my dad has his PhD and in professional endevors goes by Dr. X,  but he is not a medical doctor. My family and friends know him as Mr. X.  So my question is, on the ivitation, do I put 'Dr. & Mrs. X request...' or do I keep the title of 'Mr.' for my father? TIA for the help!

Re: Invitation Wording Question

  • I would ask your dad what he would prefer.  Since he doesn't use the Dr. title normally, he may be happy just to have Mr.
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  • According to everything I have ever read, only medical doctors go by Dr. socially. Since your father is a PhD and goes by Mr socially, I don't think it makes any sense to list him as Dr. But ask don't want him to be upset over something this silly. But technically, correct etiquette is Mr.
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  • Great - thanks so much!!
  • I agree with the Lulu.  I think it should be put as Mr., especially if that is how he goes socially. 

    You could ask him though what he wants, but if he goes by Mr. socially he probably will want that.
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  • Ask your dad what he prefers.  But ditto PPs that technically only medical doctors go by Doctor socially.
  • I know many doctors medical and otherwise that ALL use Dr. as their title. Please be sure to ask him. he may love using DR. as this is his first real chance to in a way be publically announced as such. This is more formal than your next door neighbour calling him from across the street saying Hey, Mr. X. This is a formal event so ask him how he feels first.
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